Zunhua Guanghui Foods Co., Ltd.,was founded in April 2004, is located at east of Zhoujiacun village Shimen town Zunhuacity as one of the earliest companies engaged in chestnuts processing.

It¡¯s situated at the foot of the Yanshan mountains, which is only 10km to the East Qing Tombs- the famous national 5A scenic spots. The company has a rich experience in chestnut production, processing & sales, and plays a leading role in chestnut purchasing & export volume on Zunhua market with assets totaling about RMB30000000, covered area 12758 square meters.

"Guanghui " fresh chestnut products has been ranked first in Hebei Province for nearly five years, and exported to Korea, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao which occupies an important position in the international market, similar 55% of the market shares.

Peeled roasted chestnuts(50g)
Peeled roasted chestnuts...
Peeled roasted chestnuts(100g)
Peeled roasted chestnuts...
Peeled roasted chestnuts(100g)
Peeled roasted chestnuts...
Roasted ringent chestnuts(120g)
Roasted ringent chestnut...
Peeled roasted chestnuts gift set(800g)
Peeled roasted chestnuts...
peeled roasted chesntnuts 1000g
peeled roasted chesntnut...
Peeled roasted chestnuts gift set(1000g)
Peeled roasted chestnuts...
Frozen peeled chestnuts
Frozen peeled chestnuts
Frozen roasted ringent chestnuts
Frozen roasted ringent c...
Fresh chestnuts
Fresh chestnuts
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