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Zunhua Guanghui Foods Co., Ltd.,was founded in April 2004, is located at East of Zhoujiacun Village Shimen town Zunhua city Hebei province as one of the earliest companies engaged in chestnuts processing.

It¡¯s situated at the foot of the Yanshan mountains, which is only 10km to the East Qing Tombs- the famous national 5A scenic spots. The company has a rich experience in chestnut production, processing & sales, and plays a leading role in chestnut purchasing & export volume on Zunhua market with assets totaling about RMB30000000, covered area 12758 square meters.

"Guanghui " fresh chestnut products has been ranked first in Hebei Province for nearly five years, and exported to Korea, Thailand, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao which occupies an important position in the international market, similar 55% of the market shares. The company passed the QS food safety system certification, and ISO 9001 & HACCP international food hygiene quality management system. It was named as one of Tangshan City national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and advanced export enterprises.

The company mainly deals with fresh chestnut, peeled roasted chestnut packed in pouch (also known as soft cans), roasted ringent chestnut, IQF peeled chestnuts , ice ringent chestnut and other agricultural by-products.

Our product takes the following advantages:

First, the advantages of raw materials:

The fresh chestnut export processing experience for years, we ensure all the raw materials from years of mature chestnut on our own bases, thus guarantee the Jingdong chestnut¡¯s unique fragrant, sweet, glutinous taste.

Second, the advantage of equipments:

We built brand-new workshop and introduced production line for peeled roasted chestnuts processing in 2014 with daily output 3.5 tons. New advanced production equipments display our high-quality products sincerity: ¡°Kanglaifu¡± automatic vacuum sealing machines, achieving complete vacuum after nitrogen filled with nitrogen preservation purity reaching more than 99.5%. A new automatic high temperature high pressure retorts, in the high temperature environment of 121 centigrade for sealing sterilization to ensure the quality and taste of natural products remain unchanged and the inherent flavor, not destroy nutrients. New pure water equipment and drying equipment reduce human involvement, to keep the package appearance neat, bright, as far as possible to avoid external damage. The finished product takes features of no coloring, no sugar, and pure natural green food.

Third, strict quality control advantages:

The company has advanced testing equipments to supervise and inspect the production process and product completely: high precision metal detector to ensure that the metal contamination may be completely excluded;

Possesses independent laboratory and advanced testing equipment, with excellent professional personnel to product tracking tests, we always adhere to "quality first, reputation first" in order to provide high quality, safe and reliable products to consumers.

Fourth, personnel advantages:

11 people among the management and technical personnel of the company have college degree or above, with food production and management experience for many years. We stick to strict food quality and safety standards, and regard safety, health, qualified products.

Guanghui is willing to work with you hand in hand, to build bigger and stronger Chinese chestnut industries, and share safe and healthy green food with you in the future.

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