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Firstly: see the color.

Some fresh chestnut¡¯s surface seems bright, and deep color as chocolate. Don¡¯t buy such chestnuts because it¡¯s crusted. While lighter color (like more coffee mate added), the surface likes being covered with a thin layer of powder is new chestnut.

Secondly: see the villus

Everyone knows that there are a lot of villus at chestnut¡¯s tail. While the crusted chestnut with bright surface has less villus, only a little bit at the tip of the tail. Generally the new chestnut¡¯s tail is full of villus.

Thirdly: see the wormhole on surface

Fourthly:see the size

One kind of Japanese chestnut features as big size, very gratifying, but more water content, less sweet, high yield, taste not better than domestic; The second kind is the common varieties of medium size, taste varies from the origins. The third is not seen generally: is small, but this is wild chestnut, the real green food with sweet taste.

Fifthly:see the shape.

Chestnuts are generally divided into two shapes: First-- one side is round, the other is flat ; Second--both sides are flat. The first is sweeter than the second. The reason is very simple-- from the growth state of Chestnut: chestnuts are wrapped by several green barbed shell together in trees, chestnuts near shell have round side,while in the middle of is two flat. the closer to the shell, the more easily to accept the sunshine. A lot of fruit sugar content also has a great relationship with sunshine time. This is why the outer chestnuts are sweeter than the inner.

If you don¡¯t eat the fresh chestnuts bought back at once, it¡¯s better to place in a mesh bag or a put in a cool ventilated place.

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